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Moms are great. From skinned knees to math tests, Mom was always there to help you out. And now that you’re older, you are learning more and more how often Mom knew what she was talking about. In case you haven’t thought too hard about these ones, here are a few more things that Mom said that were actually spot-on.

“Take off your shoes in the house!”

It may have seemed easier to keep your shoes on when you came bursting into the house in a hurry, but Mom was always there to remind you to kick them off at the door. She had good reason, too, because shoes can track a lot of dirt into the house. Even if they appear clean, allergens and dust mites love to hitch rides on shoes, and if you wear those shoes inside the house, the particles can end up making your carpet their new home. So Mom wasn’t trying to slow you down, she was trying to keep you healthy!

“Don’t eat in the living room!”

You might have thought that Mom was just trying to kill your fun when she insisted that your red popsicle not be eaten over the carpet, but in the end she was looking out for you. Food spills and stains on the carpet are an eyesore, and can be tough to remove; that’s no surprise to anyone who has a toddler. What is surprising is what goes on beneath the surface of those stains. In addition to holding allergens, the fibers of your carpet provide a sheltered breeding ground for bacteria. To survive, then, the bacteria just need a food source, and humans aren’t the only ones who love orange juice. Thank goodness for Mom, limiting their food supply one cookie crumb at a time.

“Close the door!”

Mom was probably worried about keeping insects out and cool air in when she reminded you to keep the door closed. She was doing you a favor in more ways than one, though, because she was also keeping dust and mold out of the home. In humid climates, particularly, mold can be a major health concern, and once again, a carpet or rug can trap moisture and shelter mold spores. Closing the door on dust, mold, and allergens was yet another way that Mom was keeping you healthy.

“Vacuum the carpet!”

With everything that gets trapped in a dirty carpet, it’s no wonder that Mom did what she could to keep the carpets clean. In this case, however, Mom was not 100% right. Regular vacuuming is important, but it’s not enough. Most vacuums only reach some of the carpet, and can leave up to 95% of the dust mites behind, according to the  Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It is recommended that carpets are professionally cleaned every six months in order to keep them as clean and healthy as possible.

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